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Hydron-Aire EVI air to water heat pump systems provide the energy efficiency advantages of air source heat pumps down to record breaking – 30c outdoor ambient temperatures. A single outdoor unit can provide thermal energy for your homes forced air heating and cooling, radiant floor heating and domestic hot water preheat.

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Connected to a Hydron-Aire indoor buffer tank with integral electric back up heating elements and independent controls creates a system that keeps going no matter the outdoor temperatures, without the need for a backup boiler or smelly duct mounted electric heaters. For forced air requirements the variable speed fan coil technology keeps noise levels down and has the ability to provide superior dehumidification to traditional equipment. And with wifi enabled controls and thermostats you can monitor and adjust the system from anywhere.


Money saving is ensured not only by the high operational efficiency achieved by EVI variable speed compressor technology, but the entire system can be installed without the need for a refrigeration mechanic. The ability to directly supply radiant heating and the buffer tanks integrated electric elements save extra heat exchangers, boilers, pumps and piping. The system approaches the energy savings achieved by ground source geothermal systems without the large investment required in loop field piping and drilling.

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Comfort is provided by simultaneous forced air and radiant heating or cooling. With available variable output thermostats, variable speed pumping and airflow, ultrafine environmental control with the lowest possible temperature swings can be achieved. This is unique in small heating and cooling systems since the heatpump can store the thermal energy it produces in the buffer tank, allowing the forced air or radiant system to truly deliver 1% to 100% of their output as the space requires it.


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